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how to uninstall DAQ 7.4.4 in order to install DAQ 6.9.3

I have a DAQ CARD 1200 that I am trying to use with Windows XP. I recently found that in order to make the card compatible with Windows XP, I have to download the 6.9.3 T device. I currently have lab view versions 7.1-8.5, and the device driver DAQ 7.4.4 installed on my computer. Do I have to uninstall the 7.4.4 driver in order for the card to connect to the 6.9.3 device? If so, how can I do that?
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Hi Aremo,

Yes, using the Windows Add/Remove Programs tool found in the control panel, you can remove your current version of NI-DAQ. Then, at, you can download the version of NI-DAQ that you need.

Please be aware that NI-DAQ 6.9.3 is not supported in the versions of LabVIEW that you currently use. You can see all compatibility matches by looking at this KnowledgeBase: 3PIA89N5: NI-DAQ & LabVIEW Version Compatibility (for Windows)

The DAQCard 1200 is a legacy device and is currently sold for much older systems that upgrading is not typically an option. Please also be aware that if you are using VI Logger, NI-DAQ 6.9.3 is also not supported as VI Logger only supports NI-DAQ 7 and later. If you are wishing to implement a multifunction board that can be programmed with Traditional DAQ drivers, consider the E-Series line of devices. If you are going to be starting a new Data Acquisition application, go with DAQmx and M-Series as Traditional DAQ is no longer being developed.

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I know this is an old thread, but I am having to downgrade a NIDAQ 7.4.4 installation to support a legacy card one of our customers is using - the PCI-1200.  This system had 6.9.3 on it a few years ago and successfully worked with the PCI-1200.  Later, it was upgraded to 7.4.4 to support some other DAQ hardware.


System is XP SP3, all updates applied.


I used control panel / add remove programs to uninstall NIDAQ 7.4.4 and MAX.  The uninstall appeared to run to completion.


I installed NIDAQ 6.9.3, selecting only to install the NIDAQ driver.  (The software uses NIDAQ api calls).


During the installation, there was a warning message that the NIDAQ PAL failed to install.  The error is "Error 1605 occured while trying to install NI-PAL 1.5.6f0 Engine."  This error occurs any time I try to run the installer.


Windows restarts, attempts to load the driver and reports:


"Windows could not load the installer for DAQDevice. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance."


MAX does not see the card.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions for how to proceed with this.  I'm reluctant to wipe the system clean and reinstall the OS to try again.



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Hello Van,


Try going through the procedures on this Knowledge Base and see if it corrects the issue.


If it does not resolve the issue then download a newer version of NI-VISA that will install a fresh version of NI-PAL.

You can download this at:





National Instruments
Product Support Engineer - Conditioned Measurements
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Thanks, this solved the problem but only after I had re-installed PAL as you suggested, then completely uninstalled NIDAQ 6.9.3, then re-installed 6.9.3 and then finally, I had to go into Device Manager to manually tell it to update the driver.


In any case, it all works now, many thanks!



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