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ho w to wire a PCI-6518 digital card



Recently purchased a NI-PCI-6518 board along with a CB-37FH block and a SH37f-37m-2-37 cable. The cable connects to the io card and i assume to the io block but does anyone know the pinout for the IO block. In the manuals it shows the 37 pin breakout


but how is this mapped to the IO block (i dont have the io block at present to check). At a guess i would imagine the IO block has 37 pins and pin 1-37 shown in the image map direct to the 37 pins on the Io block.




Also i have another application with a NI PCI-6518 and a SH37F-P-4 which is the ribbon cable again anyone know how the ribbon cable leads map to the io card i.e. what colour corresponds to what pin?



and finally...

the IN.COM line slightly confuses me, to grab an input can i connect this to GND and lets say to fire input one connect PO.O to a sensor rising edge. i.e when the sensor  goes to 24V  it outputs 24V to PO.O and fires the input.




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Hi Skjomni,


With regards to your CB-37FH connector block, your assumption is correct. The pins of your DAQ card will map directly to the terminals on the connector block. If you have a close look at the image on the NI product page ( you will just be able to make out that each of the terminals has a number printed on the top. This number corresponds directly with the pin out of your DAQ card (as shown in the image you embedded in your post).

For wire allocation information on the SH37F-P-4 cable, please see the following links.


Pin Assignments for Compact FieldPoint and Compact RIO Custom Cables


Further information can be found at the following operating instruction manual.


I hope this has been useful.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Rich Roberts
Senior Marketing Engineer, National Instruments
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