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group two ports and write to or read from grouped ports

Hi, experts:

I am using Labview and the board of DIO6533(PCI-32HS) to communicate with external device between Hardware and Optical spectrum Analyzer and do the data analysis. I used 32 channels in which related to 4 ports( 8 bits per port). Port A and B are the 16 lines of data bus, port C and the bit (0-2) of Port are my 11 address
Lines. The rest of lines are my control lines for sending out commands from the PC. I want to group Port A and Port B as the 16 data bus and has the bi-directional channel. All those address lines as a group for output, and 4 control lines as a group of output, one line is a group for input. I tried both functions of group conf and group write in Advanced DIO an
d functions of port config and write to port. But can't get it works. I was confused in the virtual channel name and the input type of channel list in the group configuration and also the input patterns. Please give me some advice, I think they are not a difficult problem. Thanks!

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If you configure a virtual channel as a Write to Port and then try to use it later with Digital Group Config, I believe you would get an error. Instead, just use the port numbers (0 and 1) when you group Port A and B.

Also, when you are specifying the patterns, remember that Port A will be the least significant port and line 0 of Port A will be the least significant bit.
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Some clarification: if you configure a virtual channel as a Write to Port and then try to assign it as part of a BIDIRECTIONAL group with Digital Group config, then you will probably get an error.
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Thank you Raecine for your comments. So, in my case, if I configured my port A and port B as the Write to Ports in the Measurment and Aotomation, but I want to group them and assign them as part of a BIDIRECTIONAL as my 16 bit data lines.
What do I do?

I am also met a problem that I have 11 address lines(writing) and 5 control lines(4 writing, 1 reading) in port C and port D, I tried to group those 11 address lines together for writing within port C and port D, but it won't let me do that, if I group port C and D as a group, I will have 16 lines, 15 of them are writing direction, 1 is reading direction, in this case, how can I do this in Labview? Please reply me back . Thanks!

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