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digital output pulse from an energy meter using NI 9375

Dear Members,


I would like to measure the digital pulse output from an energy meter (


I have already purchased NI 9375 based on the suggestion by NI Product specialist.


But based on my web search, it looks like I can't use this module for this pulse measurement.(


Can you please advise if it is ever possible to use 9375 for measuring the digital pulse output from the energy meter? I am expecting to receive the shipment soon for both energy meter and 9375 and hence unable to test them.


Looking forward to your advice and recommendation.


Thank you.

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The linked article tells you that the module NI 9375 doesn't have counters, but the module doesn't works by it self anyway, you need a cDAQ chassis to use it and most cDAQ chassis do have counters, you can use this counters to do your measurement.



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