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I have a little program for the USB 6211. It is possible to turn on or off the digital outputs with 5V or 0V. The problem i have is that i control 1 output with 1 switch per channel. How can i change the program so i have only one switch to control al the outputs (in my case 3 or 4). thx in progres!!

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You can for example use a function Build Array like shown in the following example.

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I want to change my program whitch is much easier.

4 rocker-buttons to switch on or off a relais. when a rocker is 'on' the digital output needs to be +5V. Now when i use the daq assistant he only gives me a short puls.. i want it to be active for a long time and when i click the rocker to 'off' the digital output needs to be zero.

It sounds simpel but i'm a noob and can't figure it out... please help..

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It really is simple and the orignal program you posted should work just fine. If you have modified it, you should post the new VI for someone to look at. You also need to be aware that the current output of a DAQ board is pretty small and you might not be able to directly drive a relay.

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Thank you for the information.

The relay is driven by een extern supply to switch, it only needs a 5v output to tell the relay to switch, as long as the output is high the relay is switched. when it has a low output the relay is off.

I attached my program but it is very simple and not working. I know it is not finished but after hours of trying the halve of the program is erased or edited, which leaves not much anymore.. i just want a high output for as long as the rocker (switch) is 'on'... but i can't tell the pc he has to do that to the digital output...

edit: I am using the usb-6211

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