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digital out put control of usb 6509

Hi all, I am new in Lab View programming, I am designing optical fiber probe for my medical research.  My plan is to use gain controlled 50 LED. For this I buy USB 6509 DAQ card, SH100 cable and SCB 100 Terminal box for out puts.I know rest electronic circuits for current control, but I don’t know how to controlled gain of LED by using Lab View, I have following difficulties can any body help me for this   
  1. How to control PWM of each Digital output.
  2. At a time only single output will be ON other will be off (Zero)(means one will ON state, 49 will be OFF state). Then after 2 sec it goes to OFF state and next will be ON state.
  3. ON time is very small (2 sec)
  4. ON OFF switching time is very fast.
  Any body help me, how to controlled out and how to write program in Lab View.
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