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digital input event

Sorry, I also posted the same question in Timer/counter forum, but I need to find an answer as soon as possible.
I need my application be notified when a digital input occur in NIDAQmx (possibly ansi C) with a 6601 daq.
Is it possible? I already tried RegisterEvent... and callback faunction.. (really I'm not sure PCI 6601 can perform similar task). There is someone who can explain me how to make this task? Digital input is connected to DIO_0 line (port0/line0) and I need to catch digital signal to reset a counter (connected to encoder) in channel 1, but I can't wait for it exclusively (application must do other jobs).

Thanks from now for any suggestion (sorry for my english, also).

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You are right, the 6601 is a Counter/Timer board, it belong to the TIO Series Devices.

The counter/timer channels have many measurement and generation modes such as event counting, time measurement, frequency measurement, encoder position measurement, pulse generation, and square-wave generation. Digital I/O consists of asynchronous reads and writes to the digital port upon software command.

With this being said, what you are trying to accomplish should fall within the Counter channels features. You can refer to the following 2 web documents for more info and details on how to do this:




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Thank you Mr. AlessioD. Giuseppe
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