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daqmx start digital edge retriggerable from counter output


using daq-mx (labivew 2012)  and two counters, ctr0 is 1000 Hz, continuous samples with pause trigger coming from ctr1 at 20 Hz, continuous samples, obtaining continuous 1000 Hz bursts at 20 Hz.


We need to generate a finite number of bursts.     Can a third counter,   ctr2 be used to trigger ctr1, reconfigured as retriggerable with a start digital edge, being gated by ctr2 output?   


could a fourth counter, ctr3,  be used to count the number of bursts and stop generation after a predetermined number of bursts?      


This would be using a pci-6601  or pci-6602    digital board.      the 6601 only has 1 dma channel, the 6602 has 3.     would there be any problem using the 6601 as fairly low frequencies, under 1000 hz?

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Hi scotto,


What you have described below sounds reasonable if I understand your post correctly. It would help to see a drawn out diagram of what you are trying to implement.


However, you cannot change the retriggerable DAQmx property for the device while the task is running. You could set up a program which stops the counter tasks when the counter value of ctr3 is equal to a fixed number of bursts.



Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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