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daq board to circuit connection


Does the circuit attached look ok? I require 300mA to drive the pump

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That makes no sense. The relay contacts are not connected to anything. Aren't those what you want to use to control voltage to the pump?
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Your relay isn't controlling anything.  I think what you want to do here is put one side of the relay to +12V and the other side to the +V of the pump.  I also  think the common of the ULN2003A should be connected to your GND (coil is controlled with 12V and GND).

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I was planning on switching the pump on and off using a switch in my vi. When the switch is on the output voltage from the daq is 5V and when it is off the output voltage is 0V. Is this a poor approach? Do I require the relay at all if all i need is a 12V output voltage and 300mA output to drive the motor of the pump? Thanks
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Please place a small help wanted ad at your engineering school and request the help of electronics student. You need to understand that you are not switching anything at all no matter what the logic out of the daq device. Yes, a very poor approach.
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