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connector block for pci-6561

Can I use a CB-2162 connector block with a pci-6561 LVDS digital waveform generator and analyzer ? If so, what is the best cable to use to connect the two ?
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The CB-2162 was designed for the Single Ended HSDIO devices (NI 654x, NI 655x).  It does not have the correct connectivity to work with the Differential NI 656x family of devices.  The SMA-2164 will be the connectivity solution that will work best with your PCI 6561.  This connector block differentially routes each pair to individual coaxial SMA connectors allowing for the highest signal integrity.  For more information on the SMA-2164 please refer to:

Also, the user documentation for the SMA-2164 is shipped with NI HSDIO driver and can be found at:

Start Menu\Programs\National Instruments\NI-HSDIO\Documentation\Accessories\NI SMA-2164 User Guide

Ryan M
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