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communicate with serial device over ethernet


my aim is to read the data from a smartsensor transmitting information via serial port (RS232)
unfortunatly there were not enough ports so i had to use a interface.
"The MOXA NPort5450 serial device server can conveniently and transparently connect up to four serial devices ta an ethernet." says the manual.
I installed the necessary drivers and application which can see the additional serial ports.
How do I tell LabView to read these ports?

Data flow looks like this:

Sensor -> Moxa Nport (i got its IP) -> Switch -> ethernetport
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If the Ethernet-COM Adapter shows the new COM Ports in Device Manager and in MAX, you can simply use the VISA functions to access to your new COM ports.
That means you can simply use the RS232 examples in LabVIEW.

If you don't see the new ports in Device Manager and in MAX,  you have to access to your port using TCP/IP.
You have to use the TCP/IP Blocks in LabVIEW and send the commands to the IP Adress of your Adapter. The commands that have to be sended via TCP/IP must be described in the manual of your adapter.
Examples for TCP/IP Programming in LabVIEW are also installed.

Best regards
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Though i can´t see the new ports in the device manager labview is now able to read the additonal com-ports using the "visa-thing".
There was just a task to do, which was discribed in the manual to solv the problem.
Sorry, but i thought it was kind of plug and play.
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Hi, I have the same problem. I want to build communication between several RS232 devices(Mass flow controller) via Ethernet, and I have connect them in this order: Mass flow controller--IOLAN(terminal server which can connect up to 8 serial ports, and convert them to Ethernet connection)-Switch-computer. I can't find new com port via device manager and MAX, so I wrote some program with TCP/IP vi. However, when i send  command through to serial device, I can't get response from, and I got error code"56" from I am wondering whether there is something wrong between communication of IOLAN and serial devices, because I am sure the connection between IOLAN and computer is right. Please give me some suggestions. Thank you.

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