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can PIO48 be connected by labview? How please?

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Thank you for  contacting National Instruments. If I can make a small recommendation, when using the forums it is always advisable to give as much detail as possible. Try and reference any 3rd party equipment you are using so that others will be able to help you, give details of which versions of software you happen to be using. As a general rule of thumb the more data you give people, the quicker and more relevant the responses will be.


I have looked at this and I am not sure what product you are talking about. I have linked this which is called a PIO 48, is this the product in question? Do you have any drivers for this card? What are you trying to do with the PIO 48?


At a guess, I would suggest that you will need to get the DLL for the card and use the Call Library function in LabVIEW to talk to this product.


Many thanks,

Andrew McLennan
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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