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cRIO chassis pinout - which pin is ground?

Got the 5V pin, which is ground? This is a 9073 integrated chassis.
Message Edited by trouinky on 03-27-2009 09:30 AM
Tommy R.
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Can I ask why you are accessing the chassis pins directly?  I would definitely not recommend powering any device or sensor using these pins, since there is very little protection on them.

Rob K
Measurements Mechanical Engineer (C-Series, USB X-Series)
National Instruments
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Found out what we needed to know from this article.


Made our own "module" to invert the RS-232 from the chassis through a Max232 IC to drive an LCD.  Just tapped 5V (with plenty of protection diodes) from the backplane and ran DB-9's from the chassis to the new module and back to the LCD. Viola!

Tommy R.
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