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cRIO Synchronous Serial Input

Hello, I am interested in using the cRIO platform for my application and have a question about acquiring high-speed serial data.


I need to have digital inputs to monitor a custom synchronized serial data that has 3 differential signals (RS-422 logic levels) which all operate at a specified frequency around 3MHz. One is a clock signal which the other 2 data lines are synchronized to. Is there any cRIO module that can handle the type of data I've mentioned? Here were the modules I researched, all with seemingly critical flaws.

  • NI 9411 - Handles RS-422 logic levels but 500ns delay is a little too long.
  • NI 9871 - Sufficient baud rate but not designed to handle a clock input.
  • NI 9401 - 100ns delay is acceptable but inputs are designed for 5V single-ended. 

I have seen examples of LabVIEW code with the FPGA loop times in the MHz so it seems like this should be possible. Any inputs are much appreciated thanks!



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