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Wiring of 1162HV

I am trying to wire an SCXI-1162HV module and I want to make sure it can handle my input.
The first input I know will work I have Gnd on Gnd and 28V on The input.
The second option is I have negative logic where I want to put 28V on Gnd and apply Gnd to the input. I know the inputs are tied together in banks of 4 and this works out fine for me because I have more then one channel where Gnd would be applied instead of 28V. Looking at the circuit for the card it looks like it should work fine in this configuration but I wanted to check before I damaged the card wiring it this way. If anyone has had any experience with circuits where ground must be applied instead of a voltage please let me know how it worked out.

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Ultimately all of the Ground channels are connected to the ground of the DAQ board that you are reading the SCXI modules with. What that means for your situation is that if you have one ground at 0 V and another at 28 V, then when you switch to the next module with 28V as the ground then you will likely hurt the DAQ board.

I would recommend sticking to a ground of 0V and then inverting the logic programmatically if that's what is necessary.
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