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Where is the Lock-In Demo user manual?


I am looking for "Lock-In Demo User's Manual" but I couldn't find it.

If anybody could give me that document?

Best regards.

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Please provide more information on this document. Is this related to any NI product or solution? If so what exact product and model?

Semiconductor Validation & Production Test
Soliton Technologies
LabVIEW + TestStand + TestStand Semiconductor Module (2013 - 2020)
NI STS for Mixed signal and RF

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dear Santhosh!

I found some objects and blocks such as LockInPLL, LockInDemodulatorSettings, LockInDemodulatorMC and ... to build the "Digital Lock in amplifier" by LabVIEW.

In the small description of that blocks, I see this text "For more in-depth discussion about the filter and its options please see the filter section in the lock-in Demo User's manual" but I couldn't find that manual

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