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What is the max external clock frequency for NI 6542?

I realize that the specs say that the max is 100MHz, due to its internal 200MHz VCXO being only divisible by 2 or higher. But is there a hard limit on max frequency from an externally provide clock? For example, what if an external clock is fed in at 105MHz? I'm guessing the official answer is no, but I'm interested to find out if basic functionality actually goes a bit beyond the official/guaranteed specs. Thanks for your help.
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You are correct, the CLK IN frequency has a range of 20 kHz to 100 MHz as stated in the manual on page 5.


I have not had experience using a clock outside of the spec range, but I would imagine the results would be unpredictable and may miss clock edges.




Peter Flores
Applications Engineer
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How fast do you need to clock it?

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