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What is the max Current on the Digital Output of a BNC-2110 Terminal

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Im an using a 6221 DAQ card with a BNC-2110 Terminal Block connected to it. For the digital I/O block to the terminal provides an extra 5V input. Unfortunately I don't seem to find any information as to whether this provides extra drive current to the TTL signal or not. Is there an internal driver in the terminal block, or - if i need to connect external relays to the digital output - do i still connect a current driver in between?





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You might want to re-read the 6221 and BN_2110 manuals. The +5V pins are outputs of the DAQ board - they are not inputs.


Yes, you will need external circuitry if the external relays require more current than what the DAQ card can provide.

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Thanks for the quick response. I indeed did not catch it that it is an output, not a 5 Volt input.

No problem, i will add a signal driver - was just hoping to be able to take a shortcut.


Thanks again,



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