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What driver can i use in PC-DIO-96/PnP?

I'm using National Instrument PC-DIO-96/PnP, i lost my drivers, where can i  download a free one, specifically for my hardware,  i'm using windows95 OS, i'm not sure on its software platform.
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The latest version of the DAQ driver that you can use with Windows 95 is Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) 6.9.3. This is a free download from the National Instruments website. Also, here is another link that helps determine which drivers work with different hardware and operating systems: Data Acquisition (DAQ) Installation/Configuration Troubleshooter.

If you upgrade to a newer operating system, then you will be able to use the DAQmx driver. Here are some links with more information about DAQmx:

NI-DAQmx Frequently Asked Questions

Learn 10 Functions in NI-DAQmx and Solve 80% of Data Acquisition Applications

Transition from Traditional NI-DAQ to NI-DAQmx


Hal L.

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