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What are the min and max input voltages and currents for PXI-6511 cards?

I want to know the followings for the PXI-6511 digital input card?

        - Minimum input voltage

        - Minimum input current

        - Maximum input voltage

        - Maximum input current


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see here
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Hello KizKas,


Thank you for posting to the NI Forums! The best way to find a particular specification for a product is to go to and search for that product's model number (i.e. 6511). By clicking on the link for your particular product, you will be directed to the product page. There you will see a tab called Specifications. You can click on Detailed Specifications under this tab and access the specs of the device. Also, you can click on the Resource Tab and access all manauls associated with the device. Have a great day!



Margaret Barrett
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
Digital Multimeters and LCR Meters
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I also have a same question . I am using NI PXI-6511 DI module and SCB-100 TB but not able to get the digital input signal from my control penal. In control panal I am using 30 switch to send digital signal . I am using DAQmx create and read channel. So please help me here to resolve this issue.

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While you are using the same card, this does not look like the same issue. It is usually better to create a new forum post if you have a separate issue, since community members (and support engineers) will see your new issue in the topic and can respond accordingly. However, don't worry about that this time - I will be happy to assist you here. (Although please let me know if you do decide to re-post).


First, I will need some further clarification. It sounds like you are unable to read a signal through the digital input on your PXI-6511:


Where are you reading the input from?


Are you looking at it in Measurement and Automation Explorer test panels? In a control on a VI front panel?


The switches you mentioned, are you using 30 separate switches?


It would also help if you could post your VI so we can see exactly what you're trying to do - the more information we have, the easier it will be to assist you.



Will Hilzinger | Switch Product Support Engineer | National Instruments
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