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We need a 16 Channel I/O optical isolated 16bit and supports +/- 0-10volts

We need a 16 Channel I/O optical isolated 16bit and supports at least +/- 0-10volts. Do you have any suggestions on a product that fullfills our specifications?
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There are several solutions for you based on the given requirements.  My first suggestion would be the PCI-6528 that lists for $599.  You'll need a cable and connector block for that, and the recommended parts are the 2 meter SH-100-100-F for $175 and the SCB-100 for $295.

Read all about it here.

I am assuming of course, that you are using a PC for your test / automation controller.  There are other options for a DIN rail mounted approach using a distributed control system much like a PLC.

Call up your local NI sales manager or your internal sales rep at 800-433-3488 (you'll be routed to your ISR after giving you ZIP code).

If you would like a fully integrated solution, programming services, or just some help with configuration and training, contact an NI Alliance Member.  We are systems integrators who are experts at deploying solutions using the NI product line.

Dan Press
PrimeTest Automation
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