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VHDCI adapter

I have a NI 6535 PCIe and 1 meter VHDCI cable that I would like to connect to some custom hardware, however I have the following wiring problems:

There are very few mating connectors for this cable (I cannot find an inline or panel mounted VHDCI connector for this).

The VHDCI type cable is short at only 1 meter and I cannot find a NI 2 meter long VHDCI cable.

I found an NI adapter (195846-01) that will convert the cable to a more compatible SCSI connector, however this adapter is not a one to one adapter, and I cannot find any NI documentation on the internal wiring of this adapter. Is there any internal wiring information for this adapter or will I have to painfully point to point this myself?



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Hey Steve,


Have you had a look at this user guide for the adapter: 


Not quite an internal wiring diagram but quite some information there.





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Yes I have seen that, it helps a little but really wanted a wiring list to clarify. I guess I will just have to point to point it myself; its a shame they (NI) don't just do a one to one adapter.




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