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Using the digital I/O of a PCI-7344 motionboard with an SCB-68 prevents my PC from powering up when an external 5V is present

I've configured the DIP-switches on the SCB-68 for "General-Purpose Use" (temp + accessory power off)
Because the number of optocouplers needed, the 5V of the PC is not used (max current too high)
and an external 5V supply was used (for the digital inputs).
When shutting down the PC (ATX) without switching off the external 5V supply, the PC-motherboard still
seems to get some power from the external 5V-supply.
When pressing the power-button from the PC, the PC stays down,
the only way to bypass this behaviour is to remove the external 5V-supply.
Does anyone have another solution because switching of the 5V-supply is not a valid option.
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