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Using PXI 6541 in real time applications



I want to use PXI 6541 in real time mood, can it be used in real time applications.

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Thanks for reply,


Can you guide me how can I do it, I mean from where to start.





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You would start by defining what you mean by real time. Are you talking about something like LabVIEW RT where run on a real time OS?
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I am using PXI 6541 for data acquisition from an electronic card. Electronic card generates an interrupt signal and PXI acquire data. The interrupt signal is generated 1 KHz. But using my windows XP, I cant acquire data on this rate. The highest rate that I can acquire data is 50 Hz. If I want to acquire data with 1 K Hz, from electronic card using PXI 6541 and using Windows XP,  What Should I do.

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You should be able to do so easily if you are using a hardware timed acquisition. You haven't mentioned what language you are using so that makes it impossible to provide an example.
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I am using LabView 2009.


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Then you should be aware of Help> Find Examples. Look under Hardware Input and Output>DAQmx.
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