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Using PFI pin to generate PWM Signal

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There is application where I need to generate 5 PWM Signals from my USB 6343. The device has only two counters, which means I can only generate two PWM signals.

My major concern is that, can I use any of my PFI pins on the hardware to generate PWM signal.

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Accepted by topic author KumarAshu

PFI pins are just terminals.  Tasks can use them to either import or export signals, but they have no independent capability of performing tasks (like PWM) on their own.


Whatever counters you have on board can be used to generate PWM, and you can then *route* the output signal to whatever PFI pin you choose, but it'll be the counter task that owns the job of PWM generation.


(The spec sheet for your device says it has 4 counters.  Still not quite enough, but closer...)



-Kevin P

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Thanks for your valuable reply

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