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Using Multiple Power Supplies (12VDC and 24VDC) for single NI 9477 module

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I have a NI 9477 DO module to control valves in our setup. Some of them require 12VDC and some 24VDC power supply input. Can I control these using the same card? If yes, how will I make the common separate for both the voltages? 

Thank you in advance.

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Accepted by Agupta25

Unfortunately, it looks like all the channels share the COM pin and you cannot have isolated COM for the channels.


For the voltage question, you can go up to 60V @ 1A max per channel.


If you are not concerned about common ground for 12V and 24V, each channel can control loads at different voltages given it is an open collector type connection.

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Thank you. I will try connecting through an open collector-type connection.

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