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Use PFI pins as DIO in Simulink/MATLAB

Hi there

We are using PCI-6221 I/O module connected to a NI SCB 68A. We try to read in/out digital signals from and to Simulink. For the screw terminals P0.0 to P0.7 we get a signal, since we need further digital signal ports we want to use the PFI ports as DIO but don't know how to configure them correctly. For better comprehension of our problem take a look at the attached figure. (green means: is working/ red: does not work/we don't get any signal)

Did anybody have similar problems or experiences? We'd be thankful for any advice.



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Hello pflanzentisch,


Depending on your module,you can have access to different functionalities.
Yours is a M Series as it is a 62XX card.


Here is some documentation regarding your question:


Have a nice day!




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