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Use PCI cards in PXI chassis and c++




I am currently using 2 PCI 6733 on an old experimental setup and I'm controlling the analog outputs of these cards using a c++ code.

I want to upgrade the setup. Nowadays computers do not have many PCI slots so I'm thinking about using a PXI chassis (that we already have) to put the PCI 6733 inside. I saw that PXI is similar to CompactPCI, but most of the adapters use 1 CompactPCI slot for at least 2 PCI.

Will I still be able, with a c++ code, to independently control each output of each card if I do this ?


Other question,

have you some splitted cables to connect one PCIe-6738 to two BNC2110?


Thank you in advance,








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I am on a similar position at my job, we are thinking on using a PCIe/PXIe adapter but we are unsure that it might raise bios compatibility issues or driver compatibility issues. Have you handle it somehow?

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