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USB6509 - Read c#


I have a problem with read implementation. I explain you.

I need to read EEprom and so: 3 pin (chipselect, DI, clock) set output mode and 1 set input (DO). 

I initialize read port-pin: 


 private struct PortPinSettingRead
    public DigitalSingleChannelReader reader;
    public Task                       digitalInputReadTask;
    public UInt32                     pin;
PortPinSettingRead portPinSettingRead;
portPinSettingRead.digitalInputReadTask = new Task();
portPinSettingRead.digitalInputReadTask.DIChannels.CreateChannel("dev1/port11/line3", "", ChannelLineGrouping.OneChannelForEachLine);
portPinSettingRead.reader = new DigitalSingleChannelReader(portPinSettingRead.digitalInputReadTask.Stream);

public int readDI(){
return portPinSettingRead.reader.ReadSingleSamplePortInt32();
catch (Exception ex)
return -1;

I see by oscilloscope, that when I call readDI() function, the output pin go to 0.

Is it possible? 

Thank you


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Hello chino5,

it's actually a strange behavior, but i would suggest you to try the DAQmx C# examples that you can find into C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples\DotNET4.5.1\Digital


Do you notice the same behavior?

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