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USB6501 for 2 marching TTL signal?

USB6501 for 2 marching TTL signal?

Hello, i'm a newbie in labview. 

It is a program requested by my teacher..

but i am getting fraustrated. 

The task should be simple. two marching TTL signals output, the sample rate is only "1Hz"


I was trying to use the digital waveform and to boolean output the digital waveform into the DAQmx..

but there is some in-coherence..


i don't know how to fix it..

i thought there would be a couple ways to do..

but i was having trouble figuring out how to output TTL signal 

I wonder if anyone could lend me a hand.


Much appreciation in advance.


 Paul Tsai

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Re: USB6501 for 2 marching TTL signal?

You don't have anything wired to the data input of the DAQmx Write and if you tried to wire the digital waveform you would probably get an error since the 6501 does not support hardware timed I/O. If you do get an error, it is essential that you provide the error code.


edit - where do you get the idea that your sample rate is 1Hz?

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Re: USB6501 for 2 marching TTL signal?

sample rate of 1Hz was a request that for each digital pin the signal switch on and off after 1sec.



I'll try some more



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