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USB-8451 I2C slave mode?

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I have a device I need to test that uses I2C bus.


The device is a board with a microprocesssor on it that is an I2C master


Can the USB-8451 be an I2C slave?

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Unfortunately, the USB-8451 cannot currently function as a slave on the I2C or SPI bus. Please consider visiting the Product Suggestion Center and submitting this feature as a product request. The more suggestions that are made, the more likely is that this functionality will be implemented in a future version of the hardware.


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Thanks, I submitted a suggestion.


Now I understand why this USB-8451 was sitting on a shelf collecting dust.Smiley Sad


We decided to go with this device from MCC because slave mode is required to test our product.






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I'd like to know if there any updates regarding functionality of the NI USB-8541 as a I2C slave ?


Thank you

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Unfortunately, there haven't been any updates for using this device as an I2C slave.



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Any news about this? Is it a hardware related limitation or only a software issue that the USB-8451 cannot be a slave? We also need a slave device to test our battery chargers in our products.

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