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Hi, I am curious if it is possible to control the USB-6525 relay module via command line calling an executable. For instance, from a command line: c:\>usb6525.exe -p:0 -r:1#1  (so it turns on port 0, relay 1, or something like that). I would like to send commands like these to turn on and off the different relays on this device by sending commands from a command line. If anyone has some sample code, or an .exe to do this, it would be very much appreciated.



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Pretty hard to provide an example when you don't say what programming environment you are planning on using. If you are using LabVIEW, then there is a shipping example called From there, look at the DAQmx digital output examples for how to create a task and then do a DAQmx Write.

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Dennis, I'll try to clarify. Can the USB-6525 be controlled using a LabView created executable (not using .vi because I want to run and control the USB-6525 on laptop without LabView) to turn on say, relay 1 on this device? And consequently, a separate program to turn relay 1 off? I would like to call a .exe file that will turn on/off a relay if possible.

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You can create an that will accept command line arguments like the example or you can create an exe that you can control just from the front panel.
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