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USB-6525 stepping motor control


Happy New Year !


I want to use computer to control the stepping motor(model: PK264-02A ,VEXTA, 2-phase, DC 2A  1.4 ohm).  Now I have USB-6525 and USB-6501. I tried to connect the stepping motor, USB-6525 and a power supply. Here is how I connected the wires.


USB 6525 Input 

(2-20)VDC ---- USB P1.0 + 

ground ------- USB P1.0 -


USB 6525 Output( stepping motor has six wires)

Phase A common (white) & Phase B common (Yellow)  -----  USB P0.0A 

Phase A (Red) ------USB P 0.1A

Phase A\ (Blue) -----USB P0.1B

Phase B (Green) -----USB P0.2A

Phase B (Black) ------USB P0.2 B


BUT, I use MAX and SingalExpress to test, there seems no signal. 

My question is (1)whether my connection is wrong or I need some other driver to control the motor ?

                        (2)Do I have to write vi file to control stepping motor? 

                        (3)What's the function of USB 6525 here if I need another driver?

                        (4) Does the current matters? The USB-6525 has 500mA max current per channel but the motor ask for 2A maybe.






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