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USB-6501 questions

We are looking at possibly purchasing a couple of USB-6501 modules for our test stations.  I have a few questions that I have not found a definite answer for.  I would appreciate it if someone could provide the info.

1.  I read a post somewhere along the way that seemed to indicate that when a port is configured as a driven output, the output voltage could be software configured to either 3.3 or 5 volts.  Is this correct?

2.  The manuals indicate that there is a weak pull up on the input of the ports.  What is the resistance value of the pull up?

3.  Is the voltage for the input pull up configurable or is it a fixed voltage?  What is the voltage(s)?



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2. The pull up resistance is 4.7 kOhm


Regarding questions 1 and 3, you can check this forum as well as this document for more information.






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