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USB-6501 port read speed?

I want to read 8 bit input from USB-6501. What is the approximate maximum speed that I might able to get?(I know it is software dependent)
If I am not clear enough, The question I have is will it read 1 kword/s if I connect 8 bit output to the device?
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Hello Waruna,

it will depend on your computer, there is a knowledge base article with some benchmark results that show that you can reach almost 1kHz update rate for a port if you are using a high performance PC. Nevertheless, the digital lines on the device are software timed and meant to be static - that means they are not designed for fast switching operations - that is why there is a limit in speed.
If you would like to do a faster and / or hardwaretimed operation, you should think about using a M-Series board.
Ingo Schumacher
Systems Engineering Manager CEERNational Instruments Germany
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