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USB-6501 not working in Matlab with Windows 7 64bit

Hi Justin,


That's unfortunate.  The problem seems to be how the driver is interacting with the X64 OS.  I had to find another solution other than the NI products, so I guess you guys lost a sale on that one.  I was trying to build you up from past experience with your products; but when the last few time we tried to use your product and they didn't work well with MatLab, etc, and now you guys want folks to pay for any kind of support via email or phone, Management told us just to go in another direction.  Sorry it didn't work out.  Thanks anyway...





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Hi Steve,


I am sorry that we could not help you out further, we simply do not have the resources to diagnose errors that are produced by products that are not developed by National Instruments.  I wanted to let you know that we are ready and willing to assist you with any issue that has to deal with our products and we hope to do so in the future. 


Best Regards,



National Instruments
Product Support Engineer - Conditioned Measurements
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