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USB 6008 digital output signal

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I am VERY new to LabView and have been racking my brain trying to get a digital output signal from my USB 6008.  All I want to to is be able to get a +5 V signal from my digital output when I click a button.  This signal will open a valve on a system I am designing so when it is pressed it needs to stay open until I press the button again.  It sounds pretty simple to me but I am just not too familiar with LabView.  Please help!




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You should first take the LabVIEW tutorials and then look at the Getting Started with DAQmx links.


The simplest program would be with the DAQ Assistant. Drop it on your block diagram and then select Digital Output>Digital Line. Select the line you want and when the wizard completes, click Okay. Wire a Boolean to a Build Array and the output of that is  wired to the Data input. That's it. You can test the output in MAX (Measurement & Automation Explorer) with the Test Panel. Do NOT test with your valve connected. Your valve may require more current than the 6008 can provide.



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Thank you for your help, I guess the mystery is in that boolean thing between the true/false button and the DAQ assistant.  What is that and where to I find it.  Again, thank you, I have read and worked through a lot of the tutorial, but I am very confused..


Thanks again! 

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It's the Build Array function. Only necessary when you use a DAQ Assistant since it's not flexible enough. When you use the lower level DAQmx functions (i.e. DAQmx Write), it is not required.
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Thank you so very much! I have found success! I only have one more question.  I have 15 valves in this system and I would hate to have to do this 14 more times, is there any way I can configure the DAQ assistant to handle all 15 valves at the same time?  They all need to be individually controlled (some open and some closed at various times).  Thanks a ton for your help



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Hi Stripling07,


You will do multiple digital output lines similar to how you do a single line. For four output lines, it will look something like this:




But be sure that you configure your DAQ Assistant for multiple output lines:


Best regards,
Rohan B
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It WORKS!! Thank you so much! 
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Ever look at the specs? The 6008 does not have 15 digital outputs. It only has 12. It only has 2 analog outputs so you are 1 short.
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Dennis is right. You will not be able to do 15 digital outputs with the 6008. In addition as Dennis mentioned before, be sure that the current drive from the USB-6008 is enough to drive your valves before connecting them. I believe each line can drive a max of 8.5mA (shown in the specs).
Best regards,
Rohan B
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I am sorry, I failed to mention I have 2 USB-6008's.  I have 7 channels off one and 6 off the other.  I also have external circuitry to activate the solenoids of the valves.  Max current draw is somewhere about 100 mA.  Thanks for your concern and help.  
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