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USB-6001 - suitable solid state relays

I would like to use a USB 6001 outputs to switch 24V but am not sure what the best solution is in terms of the hardware required - presumably solid state or optocoupler relays as this is for very low power equipment.


I believe the default configuration of the outputs is Active Drive which is 3.3 V with a current limit of 4 mA. I am struggling to find solid state or optocoupler relays within this spec (ideally DIN rail mountable - not PCB components). Is there a different configuration for the outputs on the 6001 that will give more flexibility?




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Found this in my 5 mins google search


No, there is no other variant of 6001 with better capability since it is one of the cheapest DAQ. Of course, there are other models at a higher price range with better options.

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