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Troubles during an acquisition at 1.25MHz with PXI6534

I encountered a trouble doing data acquisition at 1.25MHz using PXI6534: I work with LabWindows, I have a thread for the acquisition that only consists in a while(1) loop in which I call the Dig_Block_In and Dig_Block_Check functions and increments a counter to check the good state of the acquisition. I receive packets of almost 200Ko each 250ms so I call Dig_Block_In each time. Sometimes everything goes well, I can do long acquisitions but sometimes the acquisition doesn't start or stops after a few seconds. In my NI controller nothing works apart this application.
I have another PXI6534 card that does a very low acquisition using the same functions in a while(1) loop and everything goes well, I never had any problem.
I suppose that the high transfer rate is the problem. Also I saw in a forum that it's not good to do Dig_Block_In in a loop... Have you got other solution to do cyclic acquistions? Could you explain me what is continuous input because I didn't understand? Should I use continuous input? Have you got an example?
Thanks for your help.
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Hi Candie,

You can find in this link below information to acquire in continuous mode with NI-653x board, for make higp speed loop.

Let me know if you need more information.


Christophe S.
Account Manager East of France І Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer І National Instruments France

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