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Triangle Wave Generation in NP PXIe-7821R FPGA

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I am a novice and I have only recently started to learn about LabVIEW and NI PXIes.


In my lab we have a NI PXIe-1078 (Chasis), NI PXIe-8840, NI PXIe-7821R and NI PXIe-6723. I am trying to generate a 1kHz triangle wave using NI PXIe-7821R. But I the VI placed in the NI PXIe-7821R does not support any triangle wave vi. The only waveform vi available are sine wave and square wave vi in the FPGA control menu. 


The added requirement is that I do not want to generate a triangle waveform (waveform data or dynamic data) but I just want to get the triangle waveform in the form of double data.


How can I generate a 1kHz wave in this case?



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7812R is an FPGA based instrument with ONLY digital inputs and output, hence cannot generate a triangle wave.



Whereas the 6723 is a 32-ch Analog output card, and you can write VI using DAQmx drivers to generate triangle wave on that.


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Thank you for the clarification. 


In this case, is there a way to generate a 1kHz triangle wave using LabVIEW? Keeping in mind that I want to just obtain double data and not dynamic data or waveform data.


And I have one more question, I want to implement electrical circuits in the 7821R's FPGA using LabVIEW. But this requires me to convert the electrical circuit to equations and create an equivalent system. I have found that it is possible to use Multisim Cosimulation feature in LabVIEW but this can only be done within the control and simulation loop. And consequently, this method cannot be implemented in 7821R. So my question is, is there a way that I can implement electrical circuits (using electrical components like resistors and IGBTs) on 7821R and if there isn't one, is there any other FPGA that enables to do so? (I don't want to go through the process of converting my electrical circuits to equivalent equation form to implement it in a HIL system)

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