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To control 3 (120 or 240) ac motors using Matlab. What controller do I need?

I need to control a 3 axes system of 3 electronic induction motors. We are currently using Matlab (suggested Labview but was shot overruled). I need to go from the computer with Matlab to the motors but do not know what type of controller to use. We will purchase one if NI has a solution.
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Hi tcumech,


There are a lot of things to consider here so I'm going to try to break it down to pretty simple pieces.


First, be aware that our motor controllers work best with LabVIEW.  We do have the ability to call functions on the controller from C, so you may be able to call those functions from other dev environments.  However, it may not be ideal.


Second, the key with a motor is the drive.  We need to have a drive that will run the motor, then we can worry about which motor controller is right for it.  Please let me know what drive you plan on using and we can consider controller options.

Stephen Meserve
National Instruments
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