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Thermometer in an array changes width with changes in value decades

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I am using LabView 2019 full development software to create my Vi. On my front page I, have created 3 arrays of Thermometers. first 2 contain 20 thermometers with the 3rd containing only 10. Now I might have done this wrong, but I have put text strip across the tops of the thermometers containing labels of the number of the below thermometers.


Here is the problem, These arrays will be used for both J type and K type Thermocouple inputs. When using the J type, I want to scale from 0 to 500 F, and while using the K type would like to scale from 100 to 2000 degrees F. A I have set up Property Nodes to make these changes. But by changing the scale value the width of the thermometer changes. Thus the text labels no longer are over the top of the correct thermometers. More so for the thermometers at the ends.


Is there any way to fix the width to the widest decade such as the 0 to 2000 and maintain that width for the smallest decade 0 to 100?




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Hello Paul,


Use clusters instead of arrays and you will be able to name them individually and place them any way you want, they wont move, if you place them too close their scale will overlap when it changes from 100 to 2000.


Which indicator are you using, if you don´t want to change to clusters try with silver thermometer.

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Hi ,

Thanks for your suggestion. Its been a few years since last time I worked with LabView (think 7.1 - 8.5). I was working with the Thermometer indicator from the numeric Palette

What is this silver Thermometer? Sounds like one of those new features since my hey days with LabView.


again thanks



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Hello Paul,


Thats a big jump from 8.5 to 2019, anyway, "Silver" is also a palette that has some good controls and indicators, but with LabVIEW NXG everything is going to flat controls and indicators.


Just right click on an empty space of the front panel and scroll down you'll find first "NXG style" then "Silver" palettes inside you have the numeric palette but with silver style.


Silver style Thermometer has a background frame so when you change the scale from 100 to 2000 it doesn´t grows.



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Did a quick look and it looks promising. Will have to build up a front panel and see how it looks. Thanks again for this very helpful bit of programming knowledge. It will become fastly one of my favorite programming tricks.




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