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TTL interfacing to 6514

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I have a PXI-6514 and would like to know if it can act as a direct TTL input card with no external power supply.  The user guide doesn't really make it clear if this is a supported configuration.


I'm trying to use the 6514 to detect edges (To time stamp them for latency measurement).  I don't need to timestamp at much better than a few hundred microseconds and I'm using a PXIe LabView RealTime chassis.





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According to the specifications:


6514 Levels.png

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The 6514 expects signals with a level used in PLCs. You will need a level converter from TTL level to 24V level, preferrably a converter with so-called PNP outputs. I do not know your location, we are using level converters from the german manufacturer LEG. Of course these devices need a 24VDC power supply.

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That's exactly the type of signal conditioner needed.  Thanks!  I wasn't able to locate anything like this from Omega or Phoenix, especially with the low 1us latency this unit's spec show.


Another option I was looking at is:


But this is only good to about 20kHz and my signals are likely going to have shorter pulses than that (Though only coming in at a few hundred Hz)

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