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Substitute for NI-PXI-7813R HW card

Hello , the NI PXI-7813R HW card with 160 digital IOs which are free programmable via the 3Mio Virtex 2 FPGA is no longer available to buy at National Istruments. Im searching for a pin compatible successor card which is available to buy for new PXI/PXIe systems. The problem is that all 160 DIOs are used in our test system application. The only comparable card I found is the NI PXI 7842 R with only 96 DIOs. We need not the AD inputs on it. And the 7842R card is 5 times more expensive than the no longer available NI PXI 7813R card.


Does anybody know a solution for this problem? What is the solution that NI offers, that existing expensive test systems using the PXI-7813R card are still can be dublicated in future without expensive redesign?


Does anybody know what the successor HW card is for PXI-7813R card


Can anybody of you can give me some good advice and a acceptable solution?


Thanks a lot.

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Looks like NI has discontinued their PXI range of RIO cards and only PXIe versions are available (only PXIe-782x)


7813 was last orderable in 2018 which means you must have had sufficient time to choose another card or made a wrong choice that went obsolete, your only option to get that card is from third-party vendors like


If you're developing a product that depends on this instrument for a long period, you must definitely consider redesigning with the currently available products instead or get in touch with NI Sales to see if you can provide considerable business to get them to ensure long term availability.


BTW, the PXI-7842 is Mature which means it may go into Obsolete in the next few years (based on when that transitioned or was introduced to the market)




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