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Start states of the NI PCI 6503

Good morning,

I'm using an I/O Digital card NI PCI 6503 in order to send datas to an external electronic card. The I/Os are defined like this : 3 Outputs for adresses, 16 outputs for datas, and 5 outputs for control signals (enabled on states or rises).

I would like to define start states for each line. I tried to use the DAQmx function "Define start states", but I get an error such as "This device doesn't support that function".

Do you have an idea to define these start states ?

Thank you all,

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Unless I'm wrong, the only way to set the power up states of this low cost interface is to use external resistors. See pages 3-10 to 3-13 in the user manual.

As you probably know, for more expensive interfaces, this can be done by software through MAX.
Screenshot of the properties window for a PCI-6509 (french version of MAX) :

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Ok, thank you !
I didn't saw that.

Have a nice day !
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