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Softpannel for PXI-6509

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For a new project i need a softpanel for a PXI-6509 that runs in the background and is automatically updated when an in or output changes. In the foreground Teststand runs and the panel must popup when a key combination is pressed. Is there software available that does such a thing.


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This question is best to be posted on the NI TestStand board.

Control When the Front Panel of a SubVI Opens in LabVIEW on Keyboard Events is not difficult. But thing gets complicated when you want to run it from TestStand. You would need a termination monitor. See Asynchronously Starting and Stopping a VI in TestStand

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Thanks for your replay. 

I didn't mention it but we don't use Labview, we use C# in our test systems. 

It seems that IPC (inter process control) can do the job. So i will have a look at that solution first

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