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SPI Read/write PXIe-6537

I'm looking into the possibility of implementing SPI write/read data with an NI PXIE-6537 board.
I wanted to test the example: SPI Generation and Acquisition using HSDIO Hardware (654x) 

but I still have problem with SDW.lvlib library.

Can you confirm the possibility of implementing an SPI bus with the PXIe-6537 card?
Do you have examples of code (Labview or other) allowing a send/receive bytes in SPI?


Thanks in advance.

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Hello fishingman,


According to the specifications of NI PXIe-6537, it seems not compatible with SPI communication. The example you try to use is for the NI PXIe-654x series which are Digital Waveform Generators and Analyzers and can handle the SPI communication as there is enabled clock sharing, but the PXIe-6537 is a Digital I/O module.


Hope this was helpful.


Best Regards

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