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Digital I/O

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Routing Digitial Output to Trigger/Timers



Right now I have a VI which creates a digital output signal.  This signal is then used as a clock for Analog output and as a gate for the boards counter/timer (I am using a PXI-6281 multifunction DAQ).  I accomplish this right now by taking the digital dignal output from the board's BNC-2090 breakout box and using a jumper to connect it to the PFI lines.  I then use the PFI line as the source for a DAQmx timing VI.


Is this a the proper way to accomplish this task?  Is there some other way to internally route digial output signals through the board or the PXI crate backplane so I can avoid having the signal come all the way out to the breakout box and back in to the board?




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How are you creating the digital output? If it is coming out of a line on port0, the way you are doing it currently is the best way. If you can move this operation to one of the counters, you can export the signal to the backplane and trigger off that.

Steven K.
National Instruments
Software Engineer
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I am creating the digital output tmp_LV.PNGas shown below












The input to the create virtual channel is just port0/line0:7   I use two digital lines, each one gets routed to a different PFI line and is then in turn used as a sample clock (pretty much) for either a counter or an analog output.  So I don't want to occupy a counters for each of these digitial lines I don't think.


Thanks for answering my question.

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