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Retriggerable Multirecord Acquisition HSDIO 6552



I need to have multirecord acquisition since I only need to acquire data after 20M Sample.

I have refer to the acticle


From my experiment, I m trying to acquire 10 samples, each at cycle0 and cycle600.


Data Active Event (PFI1) to Start Trigger (PFI2)

Marker0 to Advance Trigger (PXI backplane RTSI 0)



generate wfm0 marker0(0,600)


Waveform size = 700 lines.



Then, on the niHSDIO acquisition VI, 

number of record = 2

number of sample = 10


From the waveform indicator (showed in waveform table), I acquired from 


cycle0 to cycle9 (correct)

cycle 580 to 589 (incorrect)


Any suggestion about the error ? I expect the data acquired should be from cycle 600 to cycle 609.

Please help.. Thanks for your time. 

Message Edited by engwei on 12-26-2008 08:25 AM
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