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Replacement for PCI-8335 MXI-3

I'll looking to rebuild an industrial PC that currently has a NI PCI-8335 MXI-3 card in it.  This card is connected via fiber to a NI PXI-8335 MXI-3 card.  The new PC's OS will be Windows 10.


Can you still buy the NI CI-8335 MXI-3?

Is there Windows 10 support fo the NI PCI-8335 MXI-3?


If not...  Is there a replacement for the NI PCI-8335 MXI-3 card that 

1.  Is supported in Windows10

2.  Will still talk to the NI PXI-8335 MXI-3 card?


Do I have to replace both cards (PCI-8335 MXI-3 and the PXI-8335 MXI-3)?





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Hi James,


National Instruments does not carry MXI-3 cards. Currently, the PXI MXI Cards are compatible MXI-3/4 and then upconvert to MXI-Express x1. The PCI MXI cards input MXI-Express and then downconvert to PCI.


If you open the product page for MXI Controllers, note that the first selection (The 8364) is compatible with the PXI Bus and MXI-3/4.




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